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Champion Academy Programs

Champion Academy (CA)  team are dedicated coaches who embark on the tennis journey and its many facets with our players. From developing juniors to elite pro athletes, tennis brings along many ever-changing and challenging stages. At CA, we are committed to educating, planning, adjusting, and reviewing from every angle to ensure we equip athletes for competitive tennis and life.

While athletes will dedicate a lot of their craft to on the court, at CA, we believe that what happens off court impacts you on the court.

CA believes that tennis opens many opportunities, and players pathways differ from competitive junior to college and professional tennis. Education is critical, and every athlete at CA will meet their academic needs.

We believe in understanding what you do well, where does your potential lie and how can we make your tennis dreams a reality. Understanding each athlete’s identity and game style identity is essential to becoming a healthy, happy and focused athlete, with a clear pathway in how the individual will achieve this. Depending on the developmental age, the planning may differ, but we always follow the same four principles:

  • Physical Strengths
  • Serve Return
  • Patterns
  • Developmental Areas