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Development Squad

CA Development Squad

The CA method maximises time on court by ensuring we train our athletes with progressions in mind. What does that mean? 

Our squads consist of specific tactical themes with an individual priority. During our squad session, 2/3 of our athletes will be on a court with a coach working on precisely what they need to improve, whether technically, physically or mentally. Once the athletes have completed this station with the coach, they progress onto a live ball court. Live ball gives them the environment to work on that skill in a match setting, making the adaptation to the tactic more realistic.


Who is it for:

  • Competitive juniors who regularly compete in tournaments 
  • Athletes want to play tennis every day, and tennis is their committed sport
  • Players looking to play college tennis or play on the professional tour in the future

Areas of focus:

  • Enjoyment of competing
  • Developing higher levels of focus
  • Developing an awareness for the right shot at the right time
  • Further development phases of play, attacking, defending and neutralising tactics.
  • Serve +1 and Return +1 development tactical intent
  • Developing the Forehand from the centre corridor
  • Exploring court craft through a variety of shots, tempo and speed changing rhythm

Development phases:

Ages 11- 12 Identifying and Establishing Game-style

  • Develop game-style suited to the individual
  • Hone physical, mental, technical and tactical capabilities
  • Compete in high-level junior tournaments

Ages 13 – 14  

  • Add variety – depth, height, the direction of shots. Use of the drop shot and volleys
  • Analyze opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, create a game plan
  • Kick serve development
  • Adapt and expand growth mindset

What we will provide:

  • A world class coaching staff
  • 4 hrs per week of on-court plus a match play evening all up 6 hrs of tennis
  • Mobility session before every tennis session run by a professional and 1.5 hrs of fitness for the week
  • Athletes will receive a home fitness program to continue working on fundamental movements patterns, speed, agility, strength and conditioning.
  • 4:1 Player/coach ratio
  • Strong focus on movement development, tactics and strategies through a game-based approach
  • A progress report will be given at the end of each term

What we require from you:

  • A great attitude and maximum effort
  • The desire to train hard with a growth mindset
  • Commitment to the CA tennis program
  • Professional conduct at all times, including tournaments
  • Respect your peers, parent/guardian, officials, and equipment for the sport. 
  • Speak positively about the CA program, its coaches and fellow players to the broader tennis community
  • All athletes are to be prepared with the following equipment to always remind in their tennis bag:
  1. 2+ racquets
  2. Spare set of string
  3. Towel
  4. Sanitiser
  5. Water bottles
  6. Sports drink
  7. Skipping rope
  8. Foam roller
  9. Theraband (shoulder band)
  10. Mask

Private lessons:

Private lessons with our staff are strictly reserved for players enrolled in a minimum of two squad sessions per week.

Players who attend school full time can do private lessons before school and before 2.30 pm daily. (unless explicitly arranged with one of our coaches.) 

Semi-private will generally be the format. Athletes usually do not have more than two lessons a week unless our professional coaches recommend more.