Champion Academy



Join the only full-time/homeschool program in Victoria. We have a fully integrated one-stop-shop training program. Take the guesswork out of finding regular hits, developing your game and wondering which tournaments to play. Our internationally experienced coaches have worked with players ranging from first-timers to Grand Slam Champions. We are thrilled to launch the Champion Academy full-time training program.

Who is the program for?

  • Pro tour players
  • Elite junior players
  • Aspiring pro players
  • AMT platinum players


The Weekly Program

  • Full program
  • 15.5 hours on-court (excluding private lessons)
  • Tennis Fitness
  • Body management
  • Weekly priorities set up by the coaching team

The Daily Program

  • Specific physical warm up, pre-habilitation, mobility and cool down
  • 4:1 player to coach ratio
  • 2 players per court for match/point play
  • S&C sessions group-based
  • Mental training on and off the court
  • Access to AccuTennis player analytics
  • Daily use of training load monitoring to track athlete’s workloads

Extra benefits

  • Annual planning & athlete development plan: short, middle and long-term goal settings
  • Tournament scheduling – coaching team and athlete collaboration
  • ITF junior to pro tour pathway planning
  • Weekly recovery session
  • Program Areas of focus
  • Athlete & game style identity
  • Developing weapons and playing to your strengths whilst further developing the athlete’s game style
  • Serve +1 & return +1 patterns
  • Regular work to develop competitive and situational training scenarios
  • Development of in-between point routines and the art of mental training
  • Physical development to build robust athletes
  • Learning to perform in matches with the utmost professionalism
  • Learning to take ownership and leadership of tennis career
  • Utilise our training bases worldwide, including Bratislava, Bangkok, Los Angeles and Tampa.

Additional Services (optional)

  • Muskeletal screening one-off with WTA tour physiotherapist Anne Marie Cavanagh
  • Hamish McMaster: Sports psychologist
  • Joe Shinewell: Nutritionist

Weekly Schedule

Our Locations